Our Pledge

Beyond the Box.


Krengel & Hood, as your representative goes beyond the box for you.

From a text sent to Karla Krengel on December 2, 2013 from an IL Greenfield Cabinetry dealer:

“We are lucky to have you professionally and learning from your huge success. Thanks for everything you do for us and I look forward to our growth together.”

Krengel & Hood will not only provide you with new product information & factory related updates, we will:

• Work with you as your partner in business to move your business forward (eg: on Nov. 4, 2013 Karla hosted a dealer meeting with speakers from 4 different business field to assist her dealer base – the favorite speaker of the day spoke on business finances!)

• From direct mail to the Internet, assist you with marketing needs (eg: Karla recently laid out, ordered & had sent a marketing postcard for an IL Greenfield Cabinetry dealer)

• Visit you on a regular basis

• Be available beyond “normal” business hours

• Provide you with posts for your Facebook presence

• Get your Houzz.com presence up & running (or strengthened)

• Write advertising copy for online, TV, radio or magazine ads

• Provide sales, social media & product trainings for you

• Assist you at Open Houses, Home Shows & the like (eg: On Saturday, 12/8/13, Karla Krengel worked a 9 hour day at an in-house event an IL Greenfield Cabinetry dealer was hosting)

• Assist you in finding business partners to increase your sales

• Communicate with you on a regular basis

• Strategize with you regarding increasing your sales opportunities

• Provide you with proven sales strategies from our Sales & Marketing Toolbox

• Assist you in solving business related issues (eg: we recently helped a new dealer figure out her business health insurance – we suggested the NKBA’s plan)