Style Compass.

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“It’s less fussy,” they say. “Maybe some of those ‘flat panel’ doors,” is heard. “I want it to look modern – not like our house in the burbs,” says another. Consumers want it…they just aren’t quite sure how to explain it. That is “Transitional.” Back in 2012, Transitional took the top spot for the style most often requested by consumers for the first time since the National Kitchen & Bath Association started tracking kitchen and bath trends in their Design Trends Survey. There are a couple of different reasons for that, but the main reason is when the economy...

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Who Knew About BLUE?

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Heading into 2014, blue is one of THE most requested colors Who knew about blue? Heading into 2014, blue is one of THE most requested colors in kitchen cabinetry. Why? To fully answer that question, we need to back up to white. White has been the most popular color for quite a few years. (Just ask any kitchen designer, ANY one will tell you they’ve designed more than their fair share of white kitchens!) White has always been a popular color in cabinetry, because it is safe. You can have white cabinetry, but change out the design components around it, from the countertops to the...

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